I just can’t believe it!!  I owe it all to you, my subscribers and customers because of you I ranked no. 1 at MyMemories.  You can’t hear me but I’m jumping up and down screaming.  I’m so excited!!!  Hard work does pay off eventually!!  Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

To CELEBRATE I am going to give you all something.  I have a pack of 20 clusters from my Day at the Beach collection which i’m going to give all of you.  So starting tomorrow (and the store will only let me do this one day) so starting Friday August 7, 2015 (well maybe ll:30  p.m August 6, 2015) and ending at midnight CST August 7, 2015 you can grab the 20 clusters FREE here.


6 Responses to Ranked No.1 – freebie one day only

  • Thanks for the awesome freebie & congrats on your ranking! I tried to grab them but I am getting a lot of log in errors. The login script says that my login credentials don’t match, but when trying to register says the email is already in use, clicking forgotten password is sending me the password I was trying to use originally… 🙁

    Ah well, will try again later, thanks again!

    • Irene are you using your MyMemories login information. It is different than the login information you use for my site. MyMemories is a totally separate company. I sell at MyMemories along with 100 or more designers.

      • Yep I was using MyMemories login, because I use my generic WordPress/Gravatar or Google for blogs depending on what software it’s using.

        I am considering emailing their site admin to request my details be removed, because no matter how many times I went through the forgotten password nonsense, it continued to tell me the password it sent me was wrong. Highly insecure for a database to send out the password you created in the first place as well… (web developer by day lol).

        Anyway, it’s a beautiful freebie & thank you for offering it!

  • Thank you for these they are so cute..

  • Thanks loads for the cool clusters

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