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I’m trying something new for the next few months, you will now have two options as to the status of your membership here at KBS.  Everyone who was previously registered with our site has been given a Free Membership so there should be no need to re-enter any information.

The second option is our Silver Membership which will cost ONLY $5.00 per month and with the Silver Membership you enjoy all the perks of a Free Membership, Exclusive Freebies PLUS you  will receive **two (2) FREE kits** from KBS MyMemories Store.  The Kits will be pre-selected the previous month for the upcoming month.   The Designer will make the selections.  A download link will be provided for first kit on the 10th of the month and the second kit will be provided on the 30th of the month.

With the Silver Membership you can choose to cancel it at anytime and revert back to a Free Membership if you so desire.  If you choose to continue on to the next month, you will be billed $5.00 on a monthly basis for each month until you cancel your membership.

If you choose to sign up on or before August 20th, 2017 you will receive BOTH free kits for the month of August 2017.  This applies ONLY to August 2017.

Beginning September 1, 2017

Your membership MUST be paid on or before the 7th of each month beginning September 2017 in order to receive both free kits.

If your membership is paid on or after the 8th or before the 25th of the month beginning September 2017  you will be eligible for the second free kit only.

Any memberships paid after the 25th of the month, beginning September 2017 will be eligible for the two free kits beginning the following month.

It’s a great deal for you, two kits for ONLY $5.00 plus freebies and exclusive freebies only made available to our Silver Members. 

Sign up for either Membership here

**the term “kits” as it pertains to the Silver Membership means any kit, collection, cluster elements, paper packs, bundles, photo albums, photo books, etc**

The two kits that are being offered for August 2017 are

Simply Dots N Stripes 2012 15 Papers and 50 Elements commercial use




Simply Dots and Stripes 2012
15 papers and 50 elements





Nothing but Plaid Paper Bundle 28 patterned/textured Papers commercial use


Nothing But Plaid Paper Bundle
28 papers







Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, sign up here

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