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Don’t forget I need some suggestions for my next kit.  Here are 4 papers that I’m giving to you free in exchange for a name suggestion.  If your suggestion is picked, then you will receive the kit free, as soon as it is completed.   I just loved the colors but couldn’t come up with a name.  So that is where you come in.  Please post your suggestions in the comment section.  A winner will be randomly chosen July 20, 2015. You can download this freebie if you have registered or are logged in.  #kbsfreebie  #kbsnewproduct                     

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6 Responses to Name that Kit

  • The Misty Blues

  • Vintage Parlour

  • So far we have the following Name Suggestions:

    Glamor and Grunge by KjDesigns

    Vintage Parlour by Ratty
    Cool Vintage by Ratty

    The Misty Blues by Sue

    Summer Breeze by Barbara

    As Time goes by by Lisa

    There is still time to submit your Kit Name suggestion. The more the merrier. If I use your suggestion as a kit name then you receive the kit for free when it is completed. So keep those suggestions coming, even if I don’t use your suggestion for this kit, there are always more kits to be made that have no names.

  • Absolutely gorgeous! Going to be a wonderful kit! I think this would be a good name “As Time Goes By.” I looked at these papers for 5 good long minutes and that is what came to me..look at those beautiful colors. I can see no matter what you name this kit is will be able to be used over and over because of the colors. Great job honey! Sweet dreams. I hope you get this, the sites been a little bugger tonight. 🙂

  • I just love the colors!

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