Check out this beautiful 12×12 20 page photobook created from KBS Black Sand Collection.

REMEMBER you don’t have to own MMS Software to use these albums/books.  If you can use JPG and PNG graphic files in your current program then you WILL BE ABLE to use these albums/books!   BECAUSE included in your purchase are all the papers and elements used to create these pages so that you can re-create the templates (pages) shown using any graphics software program. PLUS because you get each individual graphic you’ll be able to create additional pages of your own design. All graphics are 300dpi, high resolution, print quality.

Also included with your purchase is a folder of “Sample Layouts” which are the pages shown here in this book.  These low-resolution images are to be used ONLY as examples of possible layouts. They are intended ONLY as a visual reference that can be used to assist you in positioning the high-resolution images on your page. The example pages are NOT print quality and should NOT be incorporated into any final image intended for print, as it will result in blurry or otherwise poor quality. The provided sample layout files are NOT quick pages.

Flip through this Photo Book by clicking on the arrows in the upper right hand corner of the book and leave a comment below, or if you have a question please by all means ask it in the comment section  below and I will do my best to give you the answer.


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